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Saturday, June 30, 2012

San Francisco, Pier 39, street singer and sea lions

"California, I can't believe I'm here,
I look eight years younger,
but I've been driving round for years
Never could could have seen it in my head
The word they did no justice
in the stories that I read
Yes it feels this way in California" 

When I think about San Francisco it always comes to my mind  this lovely october afternoon spent at Pier 39, eating ice cream, watching the sea lions and listening to a romantic street singer, Paul Hayward (whose CD I'm listening right now :)) S.F. it has always been described as openminded and intellectual city, where you can breathe freedom everywhere. My impression matched with the common description and plus, I was very lucky to enjoy the city under the sun and without its famous fog :)

Quando penso a San Francisco, mi viene sempre in mente un piacevole pomeriggio d'Ottobre trascorso al Pier 39, mangiando gelato, osservando i leoni marini e ascoltando un romantico cantante di strada, Paul Hayward (il cui CD sto ascoltando proprio ora :)) S.F. è sempre stata descritta come una città openminded, con una forte impronta intellettuale, un posto dove si respira libertà ovunque.  La mia impressione è stata assolutamente in accordo con la descrizione comune e per di più, sono stata così fortunata da poter godere della città sotto il sole e senza la sua famosa nebbia :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Tokaj, the name of a famous wine, mostly sweet and perfect to accompany desserts, producted in the homonymous region in Hungary. When I was living in this lovely Country, Tokaj is one of the places I loved most. The vineyard is peaceful and beautiful, you can take a tour in the wine cellar and tasting the wines with an expert wine steward who explaines you all the characteristics of the wine you're drinking....just an advice, eat the cheese it's offered with the wine if you don't want to get drunk with no intention!!:)

Tokaj è il nome di un famoso vino, per lo più dolce e perfetto per accompagnare i dessert, prodotto nell'omonima regione in Ungheria. Quando vivevo in questo incantevole Paese, Tokaj fu uno dei posti che amai di più. La vigna è bellissima e silenziosa, si può fare un tour della cantina e provare i vari tipi di vino con un enologo esperto che vi spiega tutte le caratteristiche del vino che state bevendo...solo un consiglio, mangiate il formaggio che viene offerto con il vino se non volete ubriacarvi senza averne l'intenzione!:)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Salento Waves

Have you already planned your summer vacation??Not yet??Here it is an idea: Salento! It is a well known part of Puglia, a region located in the south of Italy. The sea is spectacular, as well as the cities (among the others, Lecce with its baroque architecture is simply amazing!Gallipoli with its little streets and the classical Santa Maria di Leuca, are places not to miss!) and of course the food! In summer unfortunately Salento is very very very crowed, so don't go if you're looking for a relaxing holiday! Go with a group of friends, if you want to have fun, to make the Happy Hour on the beach each evening in a different place, if you want to dance in cool open-air nightclubs ( speaking of nightclubs, you absolutely have to spend an evening at the Gibò in Santa Maria di Leuca, much more than a nightclub, the location will let you breathless!), if you enjoy amazing sea and don't get nervous if the beach is crowded and very loudy...:D


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