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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Italian paradises: Egadi Islands

I'm not so much patriotic but I must admit that I'm very lucky to live in Italy, you will never finish to discover and to know amazing places, from beach paradises to historical cities and fabulous mountain landscapes. Egadi Islands have been a fantastic discover for me. Located in the south of Italy, Sicily, these 3 islands form a little arcipelago just a few miles off the coast of Trapani. They are called Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. Favignana is the largest, the one where are more touristic facilities, hotels, restaurants, little shops...etc...etc..Levanzo and Marettimo are my favourite, two little villages of fishermen where time seems to be stopped. In Levanzo don't forget to have lunch  in a small restaurant called "Paradiso" , an adorable restaurant with a good cuisine and a spectacular view of the sea. Marettimo is greener and more mountanous compared to its neighbouring islands, there are many caves that are a must-see and also Monte Falcone, the highest peak that offers a complete view of the island and the surrouding sea....

Friday, January 13, 2012

God save the Queen

Some weeks ago surfing on the web I found this funny new mantra Keep calm and act like Kate Middleton...the magic phrase to repeat each day in a moment of stress, it immediately makes me laugh and change my mood...that's what I did also today and that's why today's post would be about London...for sure the most modern, vibrant and edgy city in Europe...I'm not going to speak about monuments, museums or other touristic attractions, since you can read about it in each travel guide, I'm just spending a couple of words about a nice evening spent in the UK capital city during one of my last visits, which could be a suggestion of a "what to do- this evening in London"
   I went to see a nice musical in one of the several theatres in the Covent Garden area, the choice is very big and it's interesting to see that for  Londoners go to theatre is like go to the cinema ( in Italy it's not like this, I mean that theatre is more considered an elite entertainment..)...after the show I suggest you to take one of the several pedicabs waiting for you outside the theatres, to get to a very particular  turkish restaurant called Sarastro restaurant (the show after the show) to conclude perfectly "The Drama night"!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've always been a shopaholic and my addiction increases when I travel, I like to buy souvenirs, both touristic kitch stuff than particular objects that I can use or wear during my daily life in Italy...I love when people ask me: "oh, that's so nice!!where did you buy it??"  and I say "Oh, I took this in a small village in the south of France...;D" Here there are a few pictures about some of my favourite souvenirs...
which one is your favourite??


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