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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've always been a shopaholic and my addiction increases when I travel, I like to buy souvenirs, both touristic kitch stuff than particular objects that I can use or wear during my daily life in Italy...I love when people ask me: "oh, that's so nice!!where did you buy it??"  and I say "Oh, I took this in a small village in the south of France...;D" Here there are a few pictures about some of my favourite souvenirs...
which one is your favourite??

from the left: Japanese traditional shoes; The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster bought in NY @ Strandbookstore (an amazing & big second hand bookshop in Greenwich village); Hello Kitty chopsticks bought in Tokyo

Surf-table watch bought in Venice Beach, Los Angeles; Monet's wife's cooking recipes, a pretty book bought in Paris @ Museum Marmottan Monet (small but a must-see museum in Paris, especially if you love impressionism...); Budapest cuptea

Japanese Fortune Cat (Maneki neko) bought in Kyoto; aborigenal bracelet bought in Brisbane, Australia.

2011 Macarons calendar bought in Cannes, France; Londoner phone booth-magnet, of course bought in London, UK


  1. beautiful! I really love that trunk. I always buy a ton of souvenirs when I go on vacations too

  2. eheh the trunk is one of the coolest things I bought for my house...(and, it's not a souvenir but I took it in a shop just around the corner...:D I love its vintage allure..)

  3. the surf-table watch rocks ;)

  4. bellissimo post!
    mi piacciono moltissimo le classiche calzature giapponesi.
    un bacione!

  5. grazie Marina!!sei tornata dall'Argentina???:D



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