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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A day in Bangkok!

Some years ago, in occasion of a trip to Australia, I stopped halfway in Bangkok for 24 hours; of course a day wasn't enough to discover the city, but it gave me the chance to make myself an impression of Thailand, a Country where I hadn't have been before....Bangkok is a strange city, caotic, full of cars and tuk-tuks (the thai taxis), full of places, along the streets, where you can buy food made at the moment... It's a city very fascinating for its contradictions....probably you have listened about its "dark side", anyway since I didn't explore this side of the city (with the exception of watching "The Hangover 2" ;D),  I'm showing you some pictures about the beautiful buddhist temples that I visited, included the one where it's located the famous giant gold Buddha....


     If I remember well, these figures are showing some important points in Thai massage...but I'm not             


  1. ahhh your blog is amazing,
    so inspiring!
    now i'm going to have to go back through your older posts :)
    i'm going to follow you on bloglovin' now!

    ohh and i'm having a giveaway so come enter :)
    I hope you can check my blog out and follow me too!

    Love Kendra

  2. Thank you very much!!!!! I've just opened it and still have to improve many things, but I'm glad you liked it!! I aslo checked out you blog, very stilysh!!!I'm following you, thank you for decided of following me!

  3. hangover was hilarious! i saw it in las vegas...kind of perfect

  4. I missed Bangkok, I love the street food and the bargains that you can find there!

  5. ah Chris di! grazie per essere passato, mi ha fatto piacere!!! :)



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