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Friday, December 2, 2011

Favourite international food

Ciao a tutti!!!Today's post is a little bit particular, I'm going to speak about some of the best dishes, sweets, deserts I tried during some of my trips. One of the funniest things of travelling is to try a different kind of food from the one we are used to, don't you agree???

                     Macarons from the famous patisserie Jean Luc Pelé  in Cannes, France.

Hungarian Kurtos Kalacs (second picture from the web)

                                                             All Japanese food!!!!!




"Waffles" with red beans cream

"sulfur" eggs from Hakone


Special Cakes from the historical Gerbeaud patisserie in Budapest, Hungary

Sacher torte from the Hotel Sacher in Wien, Austria

Artistic Belgian Chocolate, Bruges, Belgium

Moules et frites, Nice, France

Crepes salées, eaten in a bohemienne brasserie near the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France

                                                                (blackberry picture)



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